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To achieve water for all, let us prevent pollution in our rivers!

World Water Day 2021 on Monday 22 March, is about water and climate change. Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has pleaded with the country to use water sparingly. If we all use water sparingly, there won’t be a need for water rationing.

We are experiencing high temperatures and high demand for water, but also experiencing less rainfall. We have to restrict our water usage.

To achieve water for all, let us prevent pollution in our rivers. Poor water supply, sanitation, and hygiene is one of the major causes of poverty, and thus numerous poor populations suffer a lot in our community. This has resulted in various water related diseases such as; Typhoid or E. Coli infection, cancer or even death.

In South Africa water scarcity is set to rise to 17% or more in 2030, therefore it is vital to secure our water resource to mitigate this effect. If this is not mitigated, we all know the consequences (e.g. Day-Zero in Cape Town as a case study).

Though South Africa is a dry climatic region, many factors contribute to water scarcity is the “Water Use and Allocation Policy”. This policy was made during a time when agriculture was a lucrative business.

A sustainable solution towards ending poverty and developing communities can be achieved by complementing engineering solutions with finance, investment, and economic in the context of public-private partnership, and programme to educate communities regarding water and wastewater management. Like in the energy sector, it is important that we create a conducive environment for foreign investors, and government should seriously consider spending a lot of money in water and wastewater infrastructure for it to look attractive. #WorldWaterDay2020#WaterForAll


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