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Liquor industry urges govt to follow science, common sense as fourth wave looms!

National Liquor Traders Council national convener Lucky Ntimane says government has been treating them with disdain, making decisions for them without their input.

There is a potential COVID-19 fourth wave that is going to hit. Mia Malan, director at Bhekisisa Health Journalism Centre, said they can’t predict when it’s going to happen but that is likely around New Year.

What then is the government going to do regarding alcohol because it is gonna be the festive season?

Liquor traders are pleading with the government not to act hastily in dealing with the fourth wave. They are fearing further alcohol burns that will hurt various players in the sector.

“We are concerned given the way government has been treating the alcohol industry, with disdain, making decisions for us without us. We had to endure four bans now, almost 26 weeks non-trading. We’ve got every reason to be worried that with the fourth wave looming, the government might consider punishing us and banning alcohol sales in December”.

Lucky Ntimane, Convener – National Liquor Traders Council

“Government needs to make decisions based on science, even common sense, unlike the initial decisions that have subjected our people to poverty. We have called on government to engage with us so with can find sustainable ways in which we can be able to move past the fourth wave unscathed”.

Lucky Ntimane, Convener – National Liquor Traders Council