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COMING UP this Wednesday 8 December at 6pm!

Scifest Africa is thrilled to welcome the Digital Empowers project and to invite you to join us, and their partner goIT, on their “global tour” examining STEM education.
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The jobs of tomorrow are changing rapidly, with employers around the world dealing with the disparity between the needs of employers and the skills that youth possess.
The situation is especially pronounced in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) sector. In South Africa, only 20% of youth graduate with degrees relevant to jobs that require STEM degrees. This skills shortage is hampering South Africa’s long-term economic prospects and creating challenges to progress towards achieving sustainable and comprehensive growth.
Digital Empowers, alongside goIT, TCS’ flagship STEM education program, is embarking on a global tour focusing on closing the STEM skills gap, diversifying local STEM talent pipelines and empowering youth. We’ll be making stops in 8 countries; gleaning insights from our international network of industry leaders, non-profit partners, educators and students.
On our first stop in South Africa, we examine questions around the current state of STEM in Sub-Saharan Africa, innovative solutions to increase youth participation in STEM education, the crucial role of inclusion towards economic empowerment and the value of multi-stakeholder collaborations in accelerating the region’s journey towards global competitiveness.