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Flow Communications achieves B-BBEE Level 1 rating! 

Flow Communications is thrilled to announce that we have achieved a Level 1 broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) rating as of today, 10 December 2021.

“We are delighted that we’ve achieved the best B-BBEE rating possible,” says Flow CEO Tara Turkington. “Our clients now have the benefit of working with a Level 1 service provider, and getting 135% supplier recognition for their investment in the agency’s communications and marketing services. This also opens up doors for new clients to work with Flow.

“We take B-BBEE ratings seriously, and I would like to thank the Flow team for their ongoing commitment to transformation, diversity and inclusion. This is a notable achievement as the B-BBEE rules have become stricter. We are not just paying lip service, and have measures in place to ensure that this spirit infiltrates our work culture and daily lives.”

Bheki Shongwe, chairman of Flow Communications says: “We have always been committed to transformation and diversity and we are thrilled to have achieved this accolade.  We are committed to growing jobs in a country that desperately needs them. Flow embraces both the principles and practice of socio-economic transformation, and we are fully committed to the spirit of diversification that our rating as a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor represents.

“Flow’s transformation agenda is represented throughout the organisation from our ownership, through management, through empowering general staff and through developing new talent with our learnerships, and through ensuring our supplier base is diverse.”

Tiffany Turkington-Palmer, managing director of Flow Communications says: “It is essential that companies involved in the marketing and communications industry are representative of the wider South African population. The Flow team is a microcosm of South Africa’s cultures, genders, generations and faiths, and this allows us to get our marketing and communications strategies and audience segmentation on target, making them relevant and impactful. This filters down into all our campaigns and work.”

“Diversity is important to us not only because we wholeheartedly support South Africa’s transformation agenda, but because it allows us to better understand the market and ultimately provide superior service to our clients, and do better work.

“Receiving our level 1 B-BBEE certificate is official recognition that we are at the top of our game in terms of fair and equitable representation. It allows us to empower more people and create more job opportunities, in support of South Africa’s economic recovery and development.” Flow is 28% black owned. About 70% of Flow’s staff are women, while the company’s management team is 80% female. The agency’s rating is as per the Marketing, Advertising and Communications Sector Code, and remains valid until December 2022.

About Flow Communications

Flow Communications is one of South Africa’s leading independent marketing and communications agencies.

Founded in 2005 in a small spare bedroom, Flow now has a permanent team of approximately 60 professional staff, with more than 700 years of collective experience in communications.

Flow tackles marketing and communications challenges with a full suite of services, including brand, print, digital, social media, public relations, and media and communications training services.

Flow is a certified member of WEConnect International, a global association of majority women-owned businesses, and a member of thenetworkone, the world’s largest network of independent creative, media, public relations and marketing agencies.

About 70% of Flow’s staff are women, while the company’s management team is 80% female.

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