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One Billion Rising Activists Set the Stage During 16 Days of Activism!

One Billion Rising activists are heeding the call of the #1BillionRising 2022 Campaign – a call to RISE for the Bodies of All Women, Girls & the Earth – harnessing the global energy of 16 Days of Activism to connect both in a deeper, more purposeful, political, transformative and yet also empowering, hopeful way.

And to make this coming year a truly radical, bold, fearless escalation of artistic Risings, bringing the issue of Gender Based Violence front and center in their communities.

We are experiencing the devastating consequences of the ongoing vicious systems of patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism and racism on the world today. We see this destructive battle for power fought over women’s bodies and the body of the earth. The devastation cannot be ignored.

We call on the world to hold Artistic Risings for the bodies of all women and for the ‘ultimate body’ – our earth. Using the body as your call. Using the body as your resistance. We call on the world to use ART. Dance. Visual art.

Physical and immersive theatre. Film. Sculpture. Painting. Sports. Performances (Live and Recorded). Photography and digital art. And more.

We call on the world:

To reclaim

To express

To defy

To disrupt

To unite

To radicalize

To awaken

To revolutionise