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‘To Hell With Shell’

The multinational company Royal Dutch Shell is at it again! Despite the clear and urgent need to transition to renewable energy sources, Shell is still set on supporting a dying energy model.

They intended to start exploring for oil and gas in the Wild Coast on December 1st. The exploration consists of seismic blasts firing loud shock wave emissions that penetrate through 3km of water and 40km into the Earth’s crust below the seabed. The seismic blasts are so loud that they can be incredibly harmful to marine life in the exploration area. The impacts range from temporary or permanent hearing loss, to beach strandings and even death.

Earlier this month, alongside 3 other environmental and human rights organisations, Greenpeace Africa filed an urgent interim interdict against Shell to prevent them from commencing seismic blasting along the ecologically diverse and sensitive marine environment of South Africa’s Wild Coast. Despite the denial of the interdict, we have continued to rally against the exploration and will continue until it is stopped. Stay tuned for more updates on this soon!