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You need Focus – Matric Class of 2022

By Siyabonga Khanyi,

o Be true to your studies
o No procrastinating
o Train yourself to always believe in education.

Some Study Tips:

TIME management is vital and a study time-table is a MUST.

Being Organized:

• School books/textbooks

• Study sessions

• Study place

• Ask for assistance if you are challenged,

• Be inquisitive be free to talk to your teachers- ask even if things seem to be easy,

• Always offer to assist -that brings balance in recalling things you have done before,

• Highlight every important part of the subject or what you study -colours always assist you to remember,

• Do extensive research

• Try study groups – they work because there are things that you might not know but it would have been easy if you got it from other members

• Enough sleep helps

• Reduce eating junk food because the food drains your energy


• Drink lots of water and healthy balance diet for the brain to function properly

• Have a book where your write your definitions and you can always paste them on the wall so you read them regularly

• Lastly but not least have fun at all times – this is because whenever you have fun you never forget thus treating books the same way will be a good thing.