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Mentally Preparing for Matric Results – SADAG’s this Friday on 14 January from 1pm – 2pm

The matric class of 2021 are all eagerly awaiting their final exam results. While many teens will celebrate this new phase in their life, some could feel alone and isolated if they failed or didn’t do as well as they hoped. On the 21st of January matric results will be released and it is normal for pupils to experience feelings of stress and anxiousness. Parents and teachers play such an important role in supporting a pupil struggling to cope during this time. Not achieving what one had hoped for can be disappointing but pupils should not be discouraged.

Are you a parent, teacher or loved one who doesn’t know what to say or do if a learner receives a bad result or doesn’t achieve what they hoped for? Are you looking for ways to support them and ensure them that there are other options? Do you know how to support a student who hasn’t received their university exemption? What do you say? What do you do when your child is still feeling down or depressed a week after the results have come out? What warning signs should parents and teachers be looking out for?

SADAG is hosting a Facebook Friday Live Video Q&A on Friday, 14 January at 1pm to further support pupils, equip parents and teachers with practical ways of coping with the days leading up to results, what to do when the results are released and learn more about the next steps and identify the various options available. Join our #FacebookFriday Chat via our Facebook Page – The South African Depression and Anxiety Group as Educational Psychologist, Kayleigh Luntz and Tukisang Senne from WOZA Matrics will answering questions on how pupils, parents, teachers and loved ones can better prepare for the release of Matric Results and manage the outcomes and steps to take next.