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We deserve BETTER in South Africa!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho
Leadership Guru John Maxwell said: “Everything falls on leadership, leadership is the key enabler, without leadership there is darkness”.
We have our challenges as a country ranging from energy concerns, the high unemployment, poverty, inequality, our education system, a racially inclusive society and the high levels of corruption.
Every time new political parties are introduced, it allows for new enthusiasm, innovations, ideas and a change of mindset. Observing the politics, emotions and theatrics at play every time there is a change in leadership; people react either with enthusiasm or strong resistance.
Our reaction to leadership is based on the reputation of the existing leadership, combined with expectations and hopes of improvement.
Either way, the introduction of new leadership and political parties brings with it a weird mixture of uncertainty, combined with hope and excitement.
If we do not like our leaders we must banish them,
If we do not like our government, we must fight to change it,
If we do not like the way our funds are plundered, we must speak out and stop it,
Building a great South Africa is the job of each of us.
We can never entrust that to just the 400 parliamentarians seated in the comfortable seats of OUR BURNT parliament – but we can direct them……#SONA2022!