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Northcliff High School denies siblings an opportunity to get Education

The Each One Teach One Foundation notes with disgust the article carried Sunday Times, whereby the school denies two learners an opportunity to learn precisely of financial exclusion. Mojalefa (14) and Modjadji (13) could not attend classes just because his father lost a job due to COVID 19 pandemic.

The story of Mojalefa and Modjadji is a sad story, after 28 years after our hard-earned freedom, there are leaners whose doors of leaning and culture are not so open for them. As the Each One Teach One Foundation, we can’t tolerate this happening in front of our eyes.

We fought for free education that is based on a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic principles. Therefore no one will monopolise education. The children of the working class have every right to attend any school of their choice especially when it is nearer to their home.

The family was taken from pillar to post in relation to this matter. The District office had allocated them a wrong address and later the IDSO indicated that Northcliff High is a fee-paying school and therefore these children will be better placed somewhere else. The Gauteng Department of Education officials has lied, misled and continue to incorrectly brief the MEC of Education.

As the Each One Teach One we are calling on all members of the Foundation to close the school. We will occupy the school premises together with COSAS, Civic Movement and all progressive structures until the learners are admitted in the school.