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Why are you a Greenpeace Africa warrior? 

By Lerato Tsotetsi

I’ll wait.

With millions of supporters like you globally, Greenpeace was able to plant its feet on the continent 12 years ago. All made possible by people like you. Over the years, we’ve witnessed injustices on our planet, from animals to nature to communities. But what’s the one thing that has seen you and me through the years?

Hope for the future of this planet and persistence in preserving nature and all that comes with it.

Powerful stories of successful campaigns like the outcome of the UNEA 5.2 meeting. On 2 March 2022, governments adopted a mandate to open negotiations for a legally binding global plastics treaty that addresses the whole life cycle of plastic. This powerful resolution ensures legally binding commitments from governments to hold them accountable and turn off the tap on plastic pollution.

“The cancellation of the Lamu Coal plant licence is a beacon of hope to the people of Lamu and Kenya as a whole. Although the battle has not been won yet, these are positive steps towards achieving a cleaner energy future for Kenyans. We cannot sit back and allow a few greedy individuals to pollute our environment and health.” Hellen Dena, Communications and Story Manager for Greenpeace Africa.

On World Oceans Day, Senegal’s Minister of Fisheries rejected the licensing requests for 52 foreign new industrial fishing vessels. The decision follows weeks of campaigning by artisanal fishers, female fish processors and NGOs, including Greenpeace Africa.

Whether you are an activist physically standing up to corporate bullies, a campaigner speaking truth to power or a donor funding the vision of an organisation founded by a group of volunteers who were scared but dared to persevere. Do not underestimate your power!

You have made all of this work in the last 12 years possible. We want to celebrate you, and the progress you’ve made happen.

Thank you for playing your part in the grand scheme of things,

Greenpeace Africa