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Sisu Connect Offering!

The Sisu Hub is offering an exciting new service, where a trained Spelling to Communicate Practitioner is now available to come to your home and help create an environment that promotes inclusivity and will help your family to build up quality relationships with your autistic family member. During this time we offer home observation, followed by feedback and coaching.
What happens during the observation?
Home observation forms an integral part of our service, ensuring that relevant advice is provided in the feedback and coaching session. Observation takes place over a period of two to three days, depending on family availability and the family dynamics. The aim is to observe daily interaction in the everyday routine of the family. Routine, eating habits, communication and inclusion, sibling and members of the household’s interaction are important factors to observe.
Home visits might seem like an invasion of the family’s privacy, but it is not meant to criticize, judge or completely change the family dynamic or routine. We aim to equip the family with tools and guidance to better understand certain difficulties that the child is going through and to create an environment where each member of the family feels valued and included.
What happens during the feedback and coaching?
Feedback and coaching takes place over a period of two to three days, depending on the availability of family members and the family dynamics.
Feedback and coaching consists of not only theoretical feedback, but actual practical coaching on how to address certain areas of concern and to specifically coach presuming competence in the family environment.
We provide you with a short documented report and tips to assist in daily family living and a check in visit two weeks later.
Ad-hoc visits can be arranged if further coaching is required.
For more information please contact Karin on 072 752 7231 or via email