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Tips for Supporting New Parents TODAY!

Friday TODAY, 1pm – 1:30pm

When becoming new parents, it is important for dads, mums and partners to support each other. This is vital for first time parents especially, as new parents need help both physically and emotionally throughout the changes that come with becoming a parent. Mutual support for mums, dads and partners is so important to help share the load that comes with having a new born. Emotional support assists parents in getting a small mental break from the sudden intensive care of the dependent baby. Physical support gives parents an opportunity to do things for themselves which in many cases can be as simple as taking a shower. Basic human needs have to be met, and in doing so, parents can recharge their nurturing tank for all those around them, especially children.

SADAG is hosting a #FacebookFriday Live Video Q&A today, from 1 pm – 1:30 pm. Our guest speaker, Olwethu Leshabane (Maternal Health Advocate) will be unpacking how spouses and partners can be supportive during the postpartum period. She will be giving tips and tools for supporting a new parent based on her experience. Olwethu also explains why spouses and partners are needed more than ever after childbirth. This is an opportunity for loved ones to learn how to help each other after childbirth or even during pregnancy. Dads, mums and partners will get insight how all this can help new parents ease into parenthood.