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It’s Time to Submit Your Art Piece for the Dismantle Patriarchy Contest!

College/University Students (age 24 and under) – the time is NOW to share your visions of how to change patriarchal society through visual art, music, writing, storytelling, poetry, and performance.

Enter the Dismantle Patriarchy Contest to address how patriarchy impacts your life, your community, the world. How might we dismantle – take apart, break into pieces, deconstruct – patriarchy? What would it take? How would YOU do it?

Be as creative as possible!

A team of judges has been assembled and includes award-winning environmental activist, CEO, and author, Maya Penn, artist and creative advisor Chela Mitchell, and actor, dancer, and singer, Luke Ferrari. Maya, Chela, and Luke will review submissions from college/university students nationwide and select ten finalists whose work poses unique, thought provoking challenges to patriarchy through art, music, and creative expressions.

Please forward this message to current college/university students and contacts you know & share on social media.

College/University students (ages 24 and under) anywhere in the world can enter the contest at

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