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Choose peaceful means to resolve conflict at SCHOOLS!

By Elijah Mhlanga,
A grade 6 boy is reported to have stabbed to death, with a knife, his fellow grade 6 learner just outside the school premises in the Free State yesterday.
Condolences to the family of the deceased.
The incident happened after school today (around 14:30) outside the school premises about 600 meters away from the school.
A brawl broke out between the boys in the morning yesterday at the school after the suspect allegedly bullied and attempted to stab the now deceased learners with a spoon.
The suspect was instructed by the school Principal to go home to bring his parents, but he came back with a knife which he used to stabbed the deceased in a chest.
One teacher took the victim into her car to the hospital unfortunately in her way the learner was certified dead.
The suspect who had initially fled the scene was later handed over by the community members to the Police.
The department’s officials will visit the school this morning to provide counselling to learners, teachers and the parents of the deceased learner.

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