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A Mother!

By Sisanda Siphoso

A child will deny thy Mother
Anger generated hatred
Over a plate without meat
Life is like a Graph
It’s always having the points
Where the coordinates meet
Immature words start to spit
Over a single parent without a dream
Then a Mother starts to weep
Knowing the pain of labour
In a ward without sleep
But a Mother is like a team, she’ll

She’s the pouring heart
Never pricked by thorns
She’s the strongest tree
Never shaken by the storms
A child insults thy Mother
Over a home without a Father
Though the only proof of marriage
Is the unwrapped picture hanging?
On the cracked walls with leaking roofs
Empty pockets not able to feed
Though unconditional love is able to Lead
A mother never dies at home
But like a soldier she dies at the battlefield
No matter how threatened
She gets up daily
But unspoken words never shoot her down
She’s the spreading wing that
Never fails to cover her offspring
Like a start that shines at night
She’s always there, even in the Dark!