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It all starts within YOU!

By Loyiso Jansen

For the years that I had been attending Cosmo City Secondary 1, I am pleased to say that I have experienced a lot during these few years.

As a learner, I saw how very talented and smart people destroyed their lives everyday. Some learners believe in words like ‘I can’t’, well I don’t believe in such words. It’s either ‘you don’t want to’, from my perspective. Everybody can do anything if they can just set their mind to it.

We sometimes let ourselves down by believing that we cannot do certain things or we not smart enough as other learners, the truth is, those learners are just dedicated to their school work and are serious and committed to their future.

Some of us tend to do things to please our friends and perhaps to belong to a certain crowd, yet we doing a disservice to ourselves and those consequences of those bad actions, could affect our lives negatively.

We let peer pressure get in the way of our success –we allow our friends to manipulate us into doing things that add no value to our lives, I say let’s stop that!