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The New Me!

By Thina Sotyantya

How about I take you for a walk into the journey of my new life.

I am sure there’s a lot you would like to know about this new me!

Life hasn’t been easy for me lately

I’ve been through high mountains, crossed deep seas, past dark resorts

It wasn’t a walk through the park or an adventure

Pain was there, fear was playing along, and threats were there to bring me down

I kept walking like nothing was happening, but the pain was all over my face

A blind man could look at me and see the truth

Most didn’t anything believe about the journey I was taking?

I am talking about the journey to my newer life

I believe life will never be the same again!

My name is………..Okay; let me not talk about names,

They do not matter because you will know me like never before

This soul is down to Earth, honest, a good looking female who lives life to the fullest

An energetic person with a good sense of humour

Get this, I am not a Poet, I live life and always loved writing

It might be about good and bad things, might be natural or supernatural

Nice or bitter, hard or easy. I just love writing

If you know me, I am sure you know what I am talking about

If you judge me about my past, you probably belong in the past

I made it to the life I always wanted, but you don’t know me yet

Life has a lot of changes. Well my name is Thina Sotyantya. Thank You!