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Dress Up Your Tekkies to Save Lives with CANSA!

One of the ways you can help the CANSA to continue to effectively educate communities about cancer, lowering personal risk and accessing affordable cancer screening, is to ‘pay’ your Tekkie Tax.
CANSA invites all to brighten up their shoes or Tekkies on Friday, 27 May 2022 and support this easy and enjoyable fundraiser.
We’re ‘Better Together’, because with your help CANSA’s reach can be so much wider, and more people educated regarding the impact of cancer.
Funds raised go towards our health programmes educating communities about the importance of cancer screening and lowering cancer risk. Education is key to detect cancer early and improve treatment outcomes.
Participating is easy:
Order the ‘Better Together Tekkie Tax’ sticker at R10 from the nearest CANSA Care Centre.
Make your Tekkies proud and lace them up with a set of the uniquely branded Tekkie Tax shoelaces – R35 and get a ‘Better Together Tekkie Tax’ sticker included.
Make sure you are ready to celebrate Tekkie Tax with CANSA on Friday, 27 May 2022, and show that you care about educating to save lives.
Please share your participation on your social media platforms using the hashtag #TekkieTax #CANSAeducation.
Tekkie Tax orders can be placed with your local CANSA Care Centre or forms may be requested from Anita Snyders

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