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Men & Depression!

#FacebookFriday LIVE chat this Friday, 3 June, from 1pm

Are you a man struggling to cope? Feeling sad, or hopeless? Unable to meet the responsibilities of work, caring for family, or other important activities? Withdrawing from family and friends or becoming isolated? Are you worried about your husband, son, brother or colleague?

SADAG is hosting a #FacebookFriday Live Video Q&A on Friday 3 June, at 1pm Unpacking Men and Depression. Expert guest, Clinical Psychologist, Sikander Kalla will be sharing the signs and symptoms of Depression and offers FREE advice on how to deal with Depression and how to help a loved one struggling to cope with their mental health. The chat includes guest speaker, Chris Debraine, who will be sharing his lived experience with Depression.

Men play such an important role in society and they are expected to fill many societal responsibilities. Due to the stigmas and myths surrounding Mental Health, especially men’s mental health, and the notion that ”real men don’t cry” some people see Depression as a weakness and as a result, many men suffer in silence. There are so many men who are afraid to disclose their Mental Illness to their friends, family and colleagues in the fear that they would be discriminated against or be treated differently. Join the Online Chat to learn more about practical tips and tools to help yourself or your loved ones struggling to cope.

Join the LIVE Facebook chat Friday, 3 June, at 1pm