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Being a Teenager!

By Osego Molose

Being a teenager can be hard at times. We fight with our parents, friends, extended family and other members of the community.

You know why? Because growing up is that journey of moving from being a baby, to a toddler, to a teenager and to be a young adult. It’s normal for teenagers to test limits. That period of adolescence can be very difficult for parents, it can’t be easy watching a peaceful child becoming a rebellious one. For girls there is menstruation that results in switching of moods when they have their period pains, at school it becomes a series of daily battles.

There’s the added pressure of our parents wanting us to decide what we want to be and achieving that. We lack good role models in our lives. My role model said to me: “Don’t give a man fish, teach them how to fish. I was confused then, but now I understand what he meant”.

We tend to get all emotional when we are reminded of our childhood years, we feel it’s embarrassing, we want to distance ourselves from those days as we feel we are young adults. As we grow older and experience challenges, we remember our childhood days when we were care-free, it is confusing.

I guess those are the joys of being a TEENAGER!

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