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Our Children need protection!

Children need to be taught and told about their rights and responsibilities – with rights comes responsibilities!
• Care-givers, parents, step-parents and guardians should be taught and told about children’s rights.
• Teachers in schools should be taught and told about the CHILDREN’S ACT.
• The South African Police Service has to be taught and told about children’s rights and how to pick up the signs of abuse.
• Our Social Workers should be more empowered with dealing with children’s rights; it should not be only left to ‘CHILD PROTECTION WEEK’.
Everyone ought to know Childline Number 0800 055 555!
Social Boundary
In any relationship, a partner has a right to confidently be able express their dislikes and likes without any fear of judgement, misinterpretation or being rejected for that. Love, respect, honouring the other, caring and remaining happy should be promoted at all times.
Spiritual/Religious Boundary
An individual’s spiritual or religious beliefs should not be imposed on children, siblings, families, communities or other spiritual or religious beliefs or non beliefs for our society to thrive – we need to accommodate, not judge and respect each other’s spiritual or religious beliefs or non beliefs for that matter!
o The Street Committee Leaders in our Communities,
o Our extended Families,
o Our Churches,
o Our Social Workers and other civil society groups and activists, and
o Our nearest Police Station.
 Honesty about the relationship and what you expect,
 Being open about where we stand with each other on pertinent issues,
 Communicating any likes and or dislikes confidently,
 Choosing Love over Anger, and
 Be there for each other TRUTHFULLY and ALWAYS!
Positive Relationships are characterised by maturity about what we want in that relationship, honesty, respect, caring, loyalty, positive affirmation of each other, loving each other and always striving for HAPPINESS, and not by being always right. If we make an effort to do all the things I have mentioned on a daily basis, we can go a long way in avoiding and doing away with distrust.