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The Class of 1976, lest we Forget!

Thursday 16 June 2022 is a reminder of the 46th year of the struggles by the Class of 1976 to bring democracy in our country.

The Class of 1976 was forced to learn all their subjects in school in Afrikaans. The learners of 1976 said NO MORE!!!

The Class of 1976 was met by a regime of the day with aggression, bloodshed as well as fatalities. The Youth of 1976 fought so that we can enjoy the opportunities we have today.

Let us take a stand to correct all the ills in our communities, workplaces, churches, and schools. The youth of 2022 must enjoy the fruits of liberation.

Let’s spend more time at school and work and less time at night-clubs, taverns and shebeens. Let us take a stand against Nyaope, Unprotected Sex, Xenophobia, Drug and Substance Abuse.

Let us do our best as learners today to live up to the struggles that the Class of 1976 fought for!


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