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Concerns over accidents happening in Cosmo City!

By Noreene Mombo-Chimwaza

I cannot bear the pain of people dying in our lovely community as a result of road accidents. Honestly, speed humps like the ones put at the Corner of Ukraine and Odessa Street in Extension 7 will help throughout.

It is even more appropriate to have traffic lights at major intersections or major Stop Signs for example, speed humps or robots can be installed at places as follows:

 Corner Shoprite Checkers and the Cosmo City Official Taxi Rank in Extension 0 and Extension 5,

 Corner Tennessee and South Africa Drive by the Cosmo Medical Centre,

 Louis Tavern,

 Extension 8 next to Shell filling station,

 Extension 10 (just after the curve) where most cars are overturning,

 Extension 9,

 Extension 7 by Royal Mount College, and

 Corner Boundary Road

I hope the community leaders will take note of my concern. We have young children crossing these roads and a lot of traffic on these roads and most drivers are taking advantage.

Thank you,

Noreen Mombo-Chimwaza

(Very Concerned and disturbed), I thank God who always leads me in triumph in Christ; I’m the fragrance of His knowledge! I’m blessed beyond Measure in 2022!