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by Dear South Arica
Eskom’s COO Jan Oberholzer said the power utility could increase the load-shedding stage further as illegal protest action continues at several of its power stations.
He explained that the strike, which began on Thursday, 23 June 2022, resulted in Eskom having to use backup power reserves throughout the day to meet demands, hence the need for the power utility to shed more load.
This is because the lack of operational staff and resources meant that Eskom had to lower the output of its coal-fired units and make up the difference by using backup reserves.
Oberholzer explained that diesel reserves at Ankerlig and Gourikwa had dropped to around 30% and 60%, respectively.
Ankerlig does not have a direct fuel line to the station, creating a logistical challenge when replenishing its reserves as it only receives diesel deliveries by road.
Oberholzer said that while Gourikwa diesel reserves aren’t as low, they would have depleted quickly at the pace at which they were being run.

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