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How to make money if you don’t get an Allowance?

Not earning an allowance doesn’t stop you from having a financially secure future. Not all parents or guardians can afford to give their children an allowance or pocket money, so why not as a teen do jobs around the neighbourhood that could create an income.

Types of Jobs you could do:

Think about doing the basics that others might be too busy to do. You could babysit; walk dogs, or do some gardening work like mow lawns for your neighbours. You can make a lot of money! If you can, do some more jobs around your own home and negotiate fees with your parents.

These could include daily chores like sweeping or cleaning the house, or special jobs like spring cleaning an entire room in the house. If you have a talent, why not turn that into a money-making exercise.

Maybe you’re good at typing. Perhaps you could charge people for typing work like compiling CV’s or typing assignments. Perhaps you’re good at making crafts such as jewellery that you could sell at a craft market.