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My feelings on Freedom!

By Refilwe Kholoane

Freedom has brought many changes in our lives and country. Freedom has broken the chains and has brought equality, equality that took us from Bantu Education and brought us to equal education.

Now I can decide who can be my leader and President – because of the freedom of speech my voice can be heard. My perceptions are heard; I proudly stand on the mountain top of Modimolle and shout Halala Africa! In my democratic country, I have rights and responsibilities; I can protect myself from the hand that bruises, that spills blood and breaks the spirit of peace.

I have freedom; and now that I am free I can proudly walk around the malls, the parks and I can enjoy and embrace the African nature and wild side. Because of freedom I no longer walk in fear – fear of being beaten for not carrying a Dompass, fear of being beaten for using the wrong train or toilet. Now that I’m free I can DREAM BIG, I have a bigger vision of my democratic country ……My South Africa!!