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Robbed but not Broken!

By Promise Mutunda
On the remainder of portion 47 of the Farm Zandspruit 191 IQ on Beyer’s Naude’ Drive is a squatter camp as old as our democracy called Zandspruit Informal Settlement in the North of Johannesburg.
The informal settlement is marred by under-development, unemployment, poverty, health hazards in the form of illegal dumping by community members & companies nearby, the outside toilets are not emptied regularly, substance & drug abuse, illegal shebeens, crime, the non-delivery of housing and no electricity.
It was at the end of March when Lindiwe Maci’s house was broken into and she was left with nothing.
“I was out with my friends when I got a call from my children telling me of what happened. I was shocked and scared and had no hope anything was left,” she said.
“The criminals that broke into my house didn’t break me as they made me stronger. They might have taken material things that I valued, but they didn’t take my power and strength from me,” she added.
“What worries me the most is that my neighbours heard the burglary happening but did nothing to help. I am a firm believer that God was there to protect my household.
The Zandspruit Informal Settlement community needs to work together to help stop criminals from breaking into more houses. PHANSI NGOBUGEBENGU, PHEZULU NGOKUPHEPHA!
I am happy that the criminals didn’t break Lindiwe Maci but made her stronger. Zandspruit Informal Settlement is as old as our democracy but 24 years down the line, we still have concerns around housing, unemployment, under-development, poverty, crime, drug & substance abuse, crime and no electricity.
There is a serious need for the current leadership to work together with the councillor and not against to deliver services and make our community a better place.