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Who to Blame?

By Tshegofatso Bogatsu

When nothing goes as planned, we get so angry that we throw punches to the wrong people and when they leave, we ask? “Who to blame”?

We run away from taking responsibility for our actions. We make decisions forgetting that the choices we make today will determine our future.

Who to blame?

For all the obstacles we face, they are only there to build and encourage us to do better. We spend so much time waiting for sympathy and pity that we forget that it matters not how we fell down and hit the ground so hard, but how we got back up. Our ways of resolving issues determine who we will be in the future.

Who to blame?

For the miserable hours of tears when it feels like there’s nobody and you are alone. When we feel like we are slowly drowning in the pool of confusion and emotions. The good thing about crying is it releases the pain inside and when our tears dry out, we feel better and lighter. So, it’s ok to cry once in a while.

Who to blame?

For our failures. Failure is not the end of the world but an opportunity to correct our mistakes. We must look at the brighter side of failure as it’s the only first step to wisdom.

Who to blame?

For the heart breaks and loneliness. We fail to understand that people we meet today have a certain role they play. It can be good or bad either one we learn from them but there will come when they have to leave it will come when they have to leave it is not bound to be easy to let them go. We often expose ourselves to people who aren’t worth your loyalty. Time is precious and good things happen to those who wait, take your time, let no one pressure you, it’s you decision to make.

Who to blame? NO ONE!!!!!