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Why do we feel Anxious and Panicky? Panic Awareness Day 10 July 2022!

10 July marks Panic Awareness Day. In order bring awareness about panic and help people have better control of their stressful day-to-day situations, SADAG will be sharing more about understanding the difference between Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder.
So many of us feel overwhelmed by the daily worries, anxieties and stresses that surround us. Those feelings of being overwhelmed are so relevant to us all.
With factors such as loadshedding, petrol price increases, lack of access to healthcare, unemployment, water shortages, inflation, lasting effects of Covid19, trauma, and grief, we are bound to experience feelings of stress and anxiety.
A frightening combination of physical and psychological symptoms, panic attacks are extremely unpleasant to experience, and they can happen to anyone. “Panic Disorder can be a terrifying illness that can cause great distress, isolation, and limits your life. Don’t suffer in silence and alone,” says SADAG Founder, Zane Wilson.
SADAG are hosting various online webinars and talks to educate the public on Panic and Anxiety!