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You are not alone: Living with Depression!

When a person is diagnosed with a mental health condition, many do not know where to turn or who to talk to for help and support. A person might feel like they might be judged, stigmatized or even feel ashamed of being diagnosed with Depression. In some cases, even when a person has the courage to speak up about how they are feeling, or what they are struggling with, they might not feel understood. Lack of understanding from others, feelings of loneliness and isolation can affect mental health and can make any symptoms a person is already dealing with, worse.

Whether you have been recently diagnosed with Depression or have been living with Depression for a while, sharing common experiences, feelings and challenges can help create a space of help and support for yourself and others. It is important to always remember that you are not alone.

How can sharing your journey help your own recovery? How can your journey help others who are going through a similar experience? Sharing stories of living with a Mental Illness helps break the stigma and can encourage others to open up and seek help. Lived experiences help shed light on the misunderstood aspects of mental health and can help many feel supported and like they are not alone.

To end off #MentalHealthAwarenessmonth, SADAG is hosting a #FacebookFriday Live Q&A on Friday, 29 July at 1PM to discuss Living with Depression. Our guest speakers, Thandokazi Rooiland, James de Villiers (SADAG Support Group Leader)and Thabo Xaba (Lived Experience case study) will be sharing their individual journeys with Depression and the stigma and myths surrounding it. They also remind those that are struggling to cope with their Mental Health, that there is always hope.

Learn more about the help and support available for those living with Depression and how sharing common experience can be valuable to you and others around you.