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APPA is having an Open Day!

About APP Autism:
We cater to a range of abilities along the spectrum, from non-verbal moderate to severe autism, to verbal with some reading and writing abilities. Our programme takes into account individual development needs and interests of our members. Our high staff to member ratio allows us to cater to each individual’s strengths and challenges.
Our aim is to prepare and support young adults over the age of 18 for life outside of the schooling environment, through ongoing development of the skills and behaviours required for these adults to be able to maximize their potential, and to be able to better integrate into the communities in which they live.
Our day centre programme consists of meaningful activities and interaction, with the aim of allowing our members to build a foundation for a meaningful day and good quality of life. We believe in the principle of life-long learning in a supportive environment.
Our residential and respite facility provides a community based, non-institutionalised, inclusive environment, catering for the needs of Autism, where quality of life is a primary goal. This, combined with our day centre, provides a full, round-the-clock service to our members and their families.
We define Quality of Life for a person with Autism as:
Being safe,
Being comfortable (warm); preparing and eating good food that one likes and is healthy,
Having some choice and autonomy over one’s day,
Being mentally stimulated, with the expectation to grow and develop,
Having a day filled with variety, which has a defined structure to it,
Performing activities that are rewarding and that are linked to individual strengths and weaknesses,
Feeling useful, with a sense of purpose and achievement, and
Being in a caring, accepting and nurturing environment.
Date: Wednesday 7 September 2022
Time: 09h30 to 11h30
Venues: 12 York Avenue, Craighall, or 16 Ralda Road, Blairgowrie.
For more information contact Yvette Young, 082 499 7012,

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