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Your Child is not an ACCIDENT!

By Modern Momma Ph,

Maybe he didn’t come when you think right.

Maybe he “messed up” some plans you had. Maybe you feel too young and think he came to steal your youth. Maybe you don’t feel prepared enough to be a mom just yet.

Maybe it’s all of this up there together, and all that junction will make you repeat a trillion times to everyone and you, that your child is an accident.

But nope! He ain’t it Birth control is not 100% safe, we know that. Children take up half our lives but they do not prevent us from dreaming, making plans, traveling… It may delay our career, our studies.. but delay is not delay. No woman is ready to be a mother, not at sixteen or at 30.

Kids won’t steal anything from us…

Kids gives us new perspectives, new dreams, more courage. They arrive and add up, never subtract. If it was your time to be a mother, it had to come.

It’s not easy, but it’s amazing how even in the midst of chaos we can still turn around. Your child is not an accident! He is with you in this moment, and that’s exactly where you two should be.