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What do parents really think about Dating?

By Nozizwe Bouwer

It’s fair to say that parents are very protective when it comes to their children, especially the girl child.

Parents want their children to remain innocent forever, but we all know that is not always the case, our dear parents need to realise that they cannot always protect us, we will make mistakes along the way, and that is the harsh reality.

Parents need to stay away from the notion that when a child says they are dating, then automatically, they are having sex. It’s not always about sex, as teenagers, we consider dating as having a best friend that you can talk to, that you can trust they will not let you down. We consider dating as experiencing and sharing our growth stages with someone our own age.

We do get where our parents are coming from though, they are scared we will get heart-broken and worse, be Pregnant!! We don’t blame them for worrying and caring, that is their responsibility as our parents!

As teenagers, we do not go out of our way to hurt, worry and make our parents not to trust us, we are just navigating in life and trying to find out and experience life on our own – we are trying to be independent. That’s ALL!!

I guess we see things differently with our parents, sadly enough, and I suppose our parents don’t want to lose us. Guess what? You won’t, we still your children, with all our limitations as young people.