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I am all about serving my Community!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho

Dr. Khathutshelo Kenneth Nematatani, founder of Fresh Breadth Confidence Dentistry at the Cosmo City Medical Centre was born in Venda in the Limpopo Province in a village called Lwamondo Village.

He is from a royal family called the Matatani Royal Family. He is a first born child with five siblings. His father is a retired teacher and his mother was a stay home mom as his father could afford sending all the children to school. He has been happily married for five years with two children.

He did his primary education at St. Scholastica Primary School until STD 5, then moved to Golden Reef College until STD 8, completed his National Senior Certificate studies at Tshikevha Christian High School and then went to Witwatersrand Medical School. He knew in STD 7 that he wanted to be a dentist –“I didn’t look at people, I looked at their teeth, I still do that even to this day”, says the doctor.

He completed his community service that all doctors are encouraged to do and found Dr. Tambourlas in the Johannesburg CBD, by chance. “I went into the doctor’s offices, found an empty room; I told the doctor that I am here to work with you. I was there for three years where he learnt everything he knows today about running the business”.

He moved to Cosmo City in 2010 when the Cosmo City Medical Centre was opened and has been at Fresh Breath Confidence Dentistry since and has seven employees that he says he is serving Cosmo City and surrounding communities with.

Summary of Business Insights from Dr. Khathutshelo Kenneth Nematatani:

  • I put God first, and then my business as it’s an anointing for me, I am here to serve,
  • I believe in volumes, and believe in having an impact; hence I want to serve more people,
  • Accept problems and rejection in business because nothing is definite in life,
  • Keep any doubts of success out of your heart, believe it will happen, and it will,
  • It’s never too late for anyone in business, so start that business you are passionate about,
  • Abide by God, if you are being undermined, God will lift you up, and
  • Know that somebody who has everything in business today is preparing those who have nothing for tomorrow.