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Towards a Transparent Educational Sector…

Education is the fundamental right of every child; besides, the prosperity of every nation lies in the quality of her education, which is why we are working so hard to ensure that every child, regardless of status and social class, has access to quality Basic Education.

Last week, with support from ChristianAid, we engaged a coalition of civil society organisations on the ‘Promoting an accountable education sector in Nigeria’ project.

The project seeks to improve public awareness of fiscal policies in the education sector and increase participation in demanding accountability. The project will also produce a citizens accountability tracker, which will enable communities to independently keep track of education expenditures in their state.

It was delightful to see the coalition members share their experiences on their work so far, as well as strategies for engaging communities and the government in tracking education expenditure.

Coalition members also developed an operational plan which will be used to engage government, community leaders and parents on holding stakeholders accountable over the next couple of months.