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Exam Time in 2022!

By Morongwa Makgamatho
It’s that time of the year, the time that we all dread…writing end of the year exams. Of course, this is a dreaded time because we know this is a make or break – the exam that determines whether we move to the next grade, to exit matric and prepare for the new adventure in the New Year.
Because of these dynamics, this could be a stressful time, particularly because you have to now study all the year’s effort and not only put it into 3 hours, but make sure you answer all questions correctly so that you can get the marks you need to get you to the next grade.
My primary, high school and university were characterised by hard work, determination and focus. I was always in the Top Ten. Throughout the year, I did my work diligently, and when end of the year approached, I prepared a study timetable that I stuck to. I made sure I revised all the work, going back to work previously covered, previous exams and assignments, and made sure I had thoroughly covered all that needed to be covered. I did not mix pleasure with studies – only after exams had passed, was when I could indulge in festivities.
You too can do the same. All you need is FOCUS.
Set you goals for what you want to achieve as your final marks. Always aim high – 90%? That’s not a bad goal.
Compile a study timetable in line with your exam timetable. Always reserve 3 days to study for any 3-hour paper. Make sure your study area is quiet, and make sure you are well nourished before you start studying.
Do not memorise. Study to understand. Ask the questions ‘What if’? ‘How’? ‘What then’? So that you can get comfortable to the answers that you are looking for.
Remain steadfast on your goals and do not let anything deter you from what you want to achieve. You will have all sorts of distractions – Do NOT let them steer you away from what you want.
You can achieve anything you set your mind to. If you believe.
I wish you all the success in your endeavours. You can do it.
Morongwa Makgamatho is a Leading Speaker on Personal Change, Author, Organisational Transformation Consultant, Facilitator, and Philanthropist!