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Tips to save WATER!

Gauteng residents have been urged to comply with the stage 2 water restrictions to avoid their taps from running dry.

Early in October Rand Water gave notice to Gauteng residents to reduce water usage and they ask residents to;

🚱 Only flush toilets when necessary

🚱 Flush with greywater

🚱 Take short, stop-start showers

🚱 Use cups for brushing teeth and shaving rather than free-flowing taps

🚱 Catch shower water to use when flushing toilets

🚱 Only wash what is absolutely necessary

🚱 Only wash full loads of washing and dishwashers

🚱 Clean outdoor surfaces with a broom rather than a hosepipe

🚱 Do not use municipal drinking water for pools, ponds, or water features

🚱 Cover pools to restrict water evaporation.