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The end result is always worth the journey – Matric Class of 2023!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho

The longer you give yourself time for your studies, the more time you have to discover and work on those areas that are weak. You also give yourself more time to go and find the support you need.

Perseverance is critical. Even if you do not have a glowing academic record, it is never too late to give your best – when you start trying, you’ll start succeeding.

For instance, the Covid-19 disruptions, impacted severely the disadvantaged boys and girls and their families. I hope the current circumstances force a longer-term transformational shift in the way we educate our youth.

As the year begins, it sometimes seems as if there are more tasks that need to be done than there are too few hours in the day to complete them.

Be it assignments to submit or deciding which university to apply to, it can all become very overwhelming and one would be tempted to just throw in the towel. However, it is always helpful to remember the old proverb “you can only eat an elephant one spoon at a time”.

Therefore, cease every task with a conquering mentality, knowing that you can do it. The completion of every assignment, no matter how big or small, will take you one step closer to your dream.

Work with passion and excellence, keeping in mind that it is not always about what you are doing but that it is also about what you are learning in the process and how it is changing you for the better.

When tough times come, and the temptation to give up is knocking at your door, always remember to keep focus on the end goals as this will give you strength to carry on.

When you come to the end of the year and you have passed your exams or have been awarded the scholarship you have been hoping for, you will realise that that the hard work, late nights and self-discipline were all definitely worth it.

Bottom Line

Before you choose a career or pursue anything, you must first know your purpose, it is this purpose that will guide you and it this purpose that you must fight for and not give up on till the end and most importantly, it is this purpose that you must use to change the world.