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Bullying at our Schools!

By Rosemary Mashale

Bullying in our school is a very unwelcome behavior because it makes so many learners feel uncomfortable and often hate or choose to bunk school, because of bullying.

Bullying is expressed in numerous ways: emotionally, physically, psychologically and at times plain peer pressure in terms of being made to feel ‘uncool’ or weird. When you are bullied at school, make the effort to inform the teachers or management, to find a lasting solution.

So many learners no longer feel safe at school because of bullying. Speaking to two learners at our school about their experiences with bullying, their views contradicted each other, the one learner said:

“I opted not to come to school because I felt unsafe at my own school. I eventually reported the issue to my parents who told the school principal, and the bullying stopped”.

The other learner said:

“I am very reluctant to report any form of bullying because I fear intimidation at the school or even outside, on my way home! I am really not sure how to react to bullying”.