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Take the lead this year!

Last year, we shared a community-led campaign with you created by our volunteers, Desiree and Delwyn, after a severe oil spill polluted the Umbilo River in Kwazulu Natal (KZN), South Africa.
As a result, hundreds of lives were and still are at risk of contracting E-Coli. This bacteria lives in the stomach and causes severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea and vomiting.
Over 7,000 supporters signed the petition to pressure the KZN municipality to clean up the Umbilo River. Greenpeace Africa Durban volunteers piled on the pressure when they protested outside Durban City Hall, holding a banner with the message, ‘Water is life’.
The petition was handed over last year on 25 November. Now, the Durban volunteers have been invited by Dr Reggy Cele, Deputy Head of Kwazulu Natal Metros, to help restore the highly polluted KZN rivers.
Their voices have been heard, and now they will be part of the restoration of the rivers in the region. It is incredible what ordinary communities can achieve working together.
Do you have an environmental issue that’s close to your heart? Do you want to take the lead and be part of the solution to creating change in your community?
Join Vuma.Earth and start your campaign today – just like Desiree and Delwyn did! Rally your community, especially those most affected by the issue, to support your campaign. You can do it in 3 easy steps:
Go to Vuma.Earth and sign up.
Create a campaign including who it’s targeted at, why it’s important and what’s at stake if the problem is not solved.
Then, share it with your friends to amplify your campaign.
We’ll support your campaign by helping you get started, maintaining and sharing your petition on our platforms to boost your reach.
Make this the year you push back against injustices in your community! Remember, climate activism starts with you, don’t wait, do what you can because every action counts – GREENPEACE AFRICA!