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Far North Secondary School achieved 75.79% Pass Rate for Matric Class of 2022!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho
The School Governing Body has thanked the learners, teachers and support staff for the hard work, in achieving 75.79 % pass mark.
The school attributes this achievement to hard work demonstrated by the Grade 12 learners and teachers and the entire staff complement. The support from parents and the School Governing Body and the grace from the almighty God went a long way to the success.
Far North Secondary School serves the Zandspruit Informal Settlement community though it is in Cosmo City extension 9. The school is located in Ward 100 since its establishment in 2014.
The school is Quantile 1 with a feeding scheme. It has 4 Grade 8 classes, 4 Grade 9 classes, 5 Grade 10 and 3 Grade 11 classes and in 2016 they grew into Grade 12.
When the school was established, there were 713 learners with 45- 50 learners per class and 16 classrooms in total. Learners travel by buses from Zandspruit to come to school everyday, a 10-minute drive. Learners’ ages range between 13 and 19 years.
The Vision:
To Provide and Maintain Quality Education.
The Mission:
To provide a safe environment which fosters mutual respect between learners, parents, teachers and administrators while also cultivating productive citizens by providing structure and support for academic and emotional growth.
Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Dedication, Co-operation, and Time Management.