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A Happy and Productive Child

By Thandeka Dlamini,

Dr Seuss says, “Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.” That is the result of happiness within a child. The state of mental and emotional contentment to deeply immersed joy which encourages kindness, good moral behavior and character, preventing tantrums, defiance and rebellious child.

As for my colleagues and I, I is crucial that we are vigilant enough to realize and recognize the state of all learners in order to help maintain the radiance of a happy child. That entails wisdom, caring and surpass all expectations to ensure that you bring ad keep a priceless smile to those little innocent souls. Therefore, one has to lead by example; “a hay teacher equates a happy child” and that is truly infectious.

Teachers’ ought to support, shape, guide and be mentors in bringing out the best in children by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses hence boasting and nurturing their self-esteem. In return, that aggravates creative thinking and productivity.

I always insist that it all begins at home: parents just need to make sure their children know they are loved, because love exhorts all the other good positive necessities to keep happy and productive child. Love is free gesture of warmth and kindness. Tell your children how brilliant they are, how powerful their minds are and how they have the ability and strength to conquer.

Honestly, how will they believe secondhand self-esteem boasting if they do not hear it or confirm it from their biological parents???

Give praise and honor where it is due also embrace their short comings whilst finding a positive way to encourage them to work on themselves. The primarily trick is, if a child leaves home with a happy smile that smile is bound to be kept throughout the day. Again, it should begin with parents to make and keep their child happy for the sake of bettering their life.

It takes a village to raise a child. Loosely translated to that a child does not belong to just his/her parent only but the whole community has an essential role to play in the growth and development of their future leaders.

The community provides certainty of belonging and love which builds and strengthens relationship, self-esteem and happiness for the child to flourish and succeed as lifetime benefits. It also builds a strong backbone and bliss of identity through cultural experiences and traditions.

It enriches moral and character molding and the expectancy of how a girl or boy child should carry themselves out.

That is the vital essential in one’s life. Parents, teachers, community have a dynamic role in the holistic development of a child. Although parents are the first mentors of the child, the teacher and community are second guiders.

All these have an immense contributing and responsibility in shaping the child’s personality. These three pivotal members have to lead by example so the children may see how easily it can be to love, to belong, to be nurtured, encouraged and praised, to feel safe rest assured with joy, peace and happiness being the most fundamentals of a successful life.



Mzukona Mantshontsho is the founder of Nyakaza Media Solutions. Nyakaza Media Solutions is an organisation that was established to help community organisations, business entities, and schools to research, write, document, report, analyse, edit, publish newsletters or bulletins in hard-copy, on-line and maintain websites with the relevant content as per the editorial policy of that organisation, school or entity. Nyakaza Media Solutions has a vision to promote and bring dialogue to communities, businesses and schools about issues that affect them. Nyakaza Media Solutions is on a mission to develop and encourage communities, businesses and learners to celebrate the good, applaud excellence, welcome growth, strive to be better individuals, businesses and communities, want more knowledge, discourage bad and counter-productive behaviour as well as communities, businesses and learners that want to be great SOUTH AFRICANS. Nyakaza Media Solutions is making use of Yo School Magazine as a platform that learners in all schools to make use of to write their stories.

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