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Do you want to learn how to make shoes?

By Rudzani Maelekano,

Do you have kids sitting at home doing nothing or wondering which business to start? Let me help them make shoes and work for themselves (this is the best solution for you).

IscathuloSA has finally opened a shoe making course. 2020 was one “hell of a year” so much for ending a decade. I might not know exactly how you feel but 2020 was not so exciting to many of us but for me it helped be starting something for myself and I now finally can help others.

I had been dreaming of making shoes, but I didn’t know where and how start, I did my research online and also learnt from the best shoemakers around Johannesburg and I have now finally reached my dream of making and I want to help you, if you would like to add shoe making path in your career.

I have partnered with shoemakers around South Africa and outside the country to make this work. I am fully committed to help people to know how to make shoes and I will be their supplier, to help them from going up and down like I have did looking for suppliers.

In two weeks, you will be able to know the following: making shoe patterns, how to assemble a shoe and free mentorship.

Registration is finally open online, click the link below:


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