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Find motivation for your dreams from something bigger than material things!

A Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is elected by learners in public schools from Grade 8-12, to represent their interests.

Every school must elect an RCL, and the RCL must elect two members to the School Governing Body. An RCL is not a prefect body. It is made up of the democratically elected representatives of learners and should represent the interests of the learners and consult them on issues that concern them. Each class in a mixed-sex school from Grade 8 and above elects two representatives onto the RCL (one male and one female). In a single-sex school each class has one representative

In my quest to understand leadership, I came across a statement made by Leadership Guru John C. Maxwell: “Everything falls on Leadership, Leadership is the Key Enabler, without Leadership there is Darkness”. Peter F. Drucker said: “Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things”.

Yo School Magazine spoke to one of the top performing students (Mabandla Matebeni) at S’godiphola Secondary School in 2015 and RCL President in 2014 about how he is doing.

You were RCL President, share your journey with us, when was this, in terms of your term?

In my life till this point that was the most challenging task that I was ever entrusted with, mainly because I had to learn how to be tolerant to people’s responsive behaviour about statements made not only by the committee that I was chairing but also the school management. A huge part of it was how do I respond to complaints and actually following up on them so as to see them being addressed, had to learn that it is important for a student life to be balanced by various activities it was not only a pressure that I was in Grade 12 but it was also about how do I leave the portfolio In a position that is much more favourable for the upcoming student leaders. The portfolio and the people I worked with taught me new skills each and every time, through the guidance of our teacher liaison officer at that time Educator Modingoana I gained a lot of consciousness about social issues that I was never taught in the Classroom which I still practice till this day.

What suggestions do you have for the preliminary examinations, particularly the Matric Class of 2019?

To the Matric Class of 2019 that is writing their Preliminary Exams, they should understand that luck only happens when preparation meets opportunity, it is through practices of past papers, making notes, consulting the teachers and attending all the SSIP classes that they may be able to be at the perfect spot for the opportunity in order to pass the upcoming exams. They are at the curve of the last lap it is probably not that exciting to study because the end line is not that visible, however from a perspective of someone who has been through that race I can confidently say that all the rewards and benefits on the other side are worth all the sacrifices.

Share your experiences at the University of Stellenbosch, what is the difference with high school?

University has been a wonderful experience for me so far, I have met a lot of incredible people doing remarkable things in their communities. It has also taught me about how to engage with people from all walks of life about controversial, academic and sport topics improving the way I think about those topics and learning from them how their view certain topics. I have gained a lot of confidence in living at a space that is diverse and still being comfortable with me and other people around me.

High school deprives us from looking at the world in other people’s points of view that is different from ours , it packs our thinking and social skills in nice neat boxes of which that is one of the huge difference that we face when coming to varsity, we are challenged by our fellow friends we meet here to think outside the ordinary and make challenges to certain systems that we do not necessarily agree with using valid points of  course this is in contrast to high school if you make a challenge to a system and actually have those valid point you are labelled a delinquent. The amount of work that is given to us in university is much more than the one we used to get in high school also considering the complexity of it.

What course are you doing and what career path do you seek to achieve, share your thoughts on University Funding?

I have completed my B. Com Accounting and I would one day like to see myself as a Chartered Accountant. One of the mistakes that we make is not to apply for funding at a very early stage and not spreading our options when applying , so if there is an advice that I have it would be to constantly be in contact with  companies that are provided for in Careers pamphlet during various university marketing exhibitions at schools if not , have a talk with your life orientation teachers for some guidance, I also got the bursary I have through the help of my Life Orientation teacher which I will always be grateful for.

Words of encouragement would be:

Try to find motivation for your dreams from something bigger than material things and once you find such a motivation allow it to push you an extra mile every day!


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