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Serving, Service, Impact, and making a Difference!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho

IMPELESI CONSULTANTS started as a recruitment and events company. IMPELESI FOUNDATION was established with the main of uniting Africans, instill our traditions and cultures to our African youth to encourage and empower them to be better leaders and stop violence and crime. Under the two companies, I ran a travel agency as my events involved attendees from outside South Africa and I decided to separate it and that is why we have LuAni Travel and Tours TODAY.

Spoke to Lusanda Nonkasa-Odus, Founder at LuAni Travel and Tours about her personal, professional and entrepreneurial journey thus far.

Tell us about your early life (school, further education, professional qualification to your role today)

I studied in Eastern Cape where I was born, after matric, I did Business Management and a computer course, and I started doing part-time jobs as it was part of the family tradition to make us responsible at a tender age.

My father had taxis and every holiday we would work there, and my uncle also had a supermarket and we assisted there too. Luckily, we were paid for the work and that got taken to holidays out of town.

When I came to Johannesburg, I continued to study although I did not have the means, so I worked. In between, obtained some qualifications in Human Resources also among others and long story short I have worked my way up still doing so.

I started a Nanny Agency called Impelesi Nannies with my friend who passed away, our aim was to help young professionals who struggled in juggling between being a mom and climbing ladder in the corporate world and we wanted to make their lives easy by getting trained nannies for them.

I tried few hustles including logistics, but my passion always lay in putting a smile in somebody’s face whether offering services or getting a job for that person, always wanting to help.

That led me to starting “Impelesi Consultants”. One other project is Malkia Afrique that empowers young girls to have their voice heard.

What does your role mean to you?

Serving, Service, Impact, Difference,

Making sure I deliver service that will make an impact, doing something that has been done differently and above all serving those that puts food on our tables.

What are the most critical resources for your successful leadership?

Diversity of our team bringing ideas that can make our work best,

Trusting our management team will bring their ‘A’ game,

Technology – we live in the society where technology is a necessity, and

Bringing service in the comfort of your home.

What can we expect from you going forward?

Greater things I pray for as long as I am still breathing, and LuAni Travels and Tours is still part of my journey among all other projects coming up.

What are your words of advice for young people, particularly women to start small businesses?

Stop being afraid,

Take that risk,

Seek assistance and guidance,

Above all stand tall and believe in yourself, there is nothing impossible under the sun, and don’t put your eggs in one basket.

What are your thoughts on Covid-19 in terms of small businesses?

It has been an unfortunate event for us all, this is one thing that has affected so many livelihoods and some are still re-covering from and others they have already threw the towel. I believe there is hope we just need to re-strategies and get out of our comfort zones and find back our passion and praying that all will be well as do not know what it is on the side

What is the legacy that you would want to leave when you retire?

A book definitely,

Welfare of our young matrons (girls) to have their voices heard… I call them Queen Girls,

Systems that will work for generation to generations,

Seeing Africans working together peacefully without wanting to kill each other every 5 minutes,

Making everyone journey easy “Be it flight, bus, relationships, life in general, business, dreams and those still trying to figure it out. You can’t do it alone, that’s what I believe”.

When you not at work, what do you get up to, and where can people follow you online?

Spending time with my son Anathi and his friends, more like brainstorming ideas, church, and community work, having quiet meals in a restaurant, baking and researching among all other staff.

Facebook – Lusanda Nonkasa Odus

Instagram – QueenLu_Nonkasa


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