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Social Issues of gender discrimination!

By Osego Molose

Sexism prejudice discrimination is based on a person’s sex or gender. It can affect anyone, but it mostly affects women or girls.

It has been linked to stereotypes and gender roles. Sexual harassment is an obstacle that many women and girls face; it may be in their work place or either at school or the community.

Racism is another definition of gender discrimination; race seems to play a major role in how women are treated or should be treated religious-wise. In their work place not many women get to play around the men’s table. Fear of asking to be paid what your job description is worth, well they are many different types of gender inequality like:

Unlawful touching,

Unwelcome sexual advances,

Trapping intimidating movements, and

Sexually charged comments or jokes.

Many successful women are feared by men, successful or not, if the man is successful, they would want to ruin your company or successful project you may be doing…being feared by men proves that you are a phenomenal woman.


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