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Sukujonga ukuba usukaphi, jonga ukuba uyaphi!

By Mzukona Mantshontsho,

ODWA HOLDINGS is the holding company of Excellent Fast Food and Car Wash and other ventures that are in the pipeline, registered in March, based in East London.

It’s important to develop an understanding of the skills required in business and to change the mind-sets of prospective entrepreneurs, particularly the unemployed youth. It’s important to encourage the youth through examples to aspire and pursue their own paths, to further developing their own skills to earn a living, be better citizens and FUTURE Leaders!

I recently had an email interview with Founder at Excellent Fast Food & Car Wash Odwa Sidumo about his personal and entrepreneurial journey thus far.

Tell us about your early life to your role today 

I go by the name of Odwa “Excellent” Sidumo. I grew up in a small village of Ngxingweni in Cofimvaba town under the Banzi location. Growing up, I lived with my grandmother while my mother was away for work. She used to work at Butterworth which is also known as Gcuwa. My grandmother passed away in the year of 2002 and my mother was forced to take it from there and take care of me while working. I enjoyed looking after livestock at home and I am a very passionate person and I love farming.

I attended Zwelibangile Junior Secondary School located in my village from the lower grade, Sub-A to Grade 9. I then moved to Cape Town and attended some of my high school grade at Napakade Senior Secondary School, and later came back to finish and passed Grade 12 at Ncuncuzo  Senior Secondary School.

After the tenth grade, I went on and pursued my dream of having knowledge and got learnerships which some of them I left them without finishing them.

To count the ones I finished, in 2014 I received a Computer Charter, and I completed in 2016 with the support Rural Development (NARYSEC) and did an annual learnership. I then got another learnership in the Professional Driving on 2018 and finished it on 2019 where I got support from the Transport (TETA), I passed and obtained Code 14/EC, Professional Driving Certificate and Dangerous Goods Certificate (Hazchem).

In 2019, I got a job where I worked as a truck driver up until the present day. I am a person who is very passionate when it comes to businesses, and I would like to believe that I am indeed business minded. I am the founder of Kulathi Youth Co-operative, but I left the business because it’s in the villages and I permanently reside at Monti. I now have decided to open another business where I permanently reside, and I named it Odwa Empire Holdings. We specialise in fast food and washing cars, in short, it’s a Car Wash with a Chesanyama.

What does your role mean to you? 

As a young and an ambitious entrepreneur, my role means a lot to me. As a responsible businessman, I am cautious, and I care a lot about my work. Getting the work done on time is my number one priority and I respect time and customers. Personally, my family means the world to me as much as my business.

What are the most critical resources for your successful leadership? 

I can list financial constraints because I have a lot of responsibilities and I am alone for that. For the business I am facing the challenge of electricity.

What can we expect from you going forward?

Successful businessman.

What are your words of advice for young people, particularly women to start small businesses?

You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Dedication and determination will take you far. To the young women out there, my sisters it is possible for you too. If I can do it that means you can too, it’s not about gender, but how critical your mind can be. Let the sky be the only thing that limits you! Never forget your roots as they’re what made you to be today. Never cease to mind negative things in the past, but as well, always remember where you come from. Those who lost faith due to poverty or their backgrounds, I say, never let your background define you, you are destined to flourish in life.

What are your thoughts on Covid-19 in terms of small businesses? 

Many small businesses took a strain financially during COVID 19. The restrictions were too harsh which led to small businesses losing customers, profit and people were forced to shut down their businesses. The government might have tried to reach out and help where they can, but unfortunately not all of us as entrepreneurs can reach that far.

What is the legacy that you would want to leave when you retire?

I’d love to leave a never-ending empire for the Sidumo legacy. I’d like to break the curse of not being successful in the family and to leave my family with a legacy of wealth that they can share amongst different generations to come. The community also will benefit in terms of employment.

How does your business contribute to the community? 

The business helps the community by giving them job opportunities. Youth of my hood are now able to keep themselves busy and earn some cash to help in their respective homes. The business keeps the youth busy that they forget that there are bad habits out there, for instance it keeps them away from street fights, crime, and substance abuse. People can bring their cars to be washed for just affordable prices and enjoy their ride in neat cars. While they’re waiting for their cars, one can buy something to eat in the Chesanyama and enjoy affordable fast food. In future when my business does good, I intend on supporting and sponsoring developing soccer teams in my area.

What have been your highs and lows of your working career?

I have noticed that my career is a demanding career, you are not struggling to get employed as a Code 14 driver. The low in this career is to get a paying company.

When you not at work, what do you get up to, and where can people fill you or your business online? 

I wake up and do some jogging, on my way back I check what I can do around the house, I believe and enjoy fixing my things by myself. Thereafter I go to my business place and spend my time doing business chores.

Online Presence: 

Facebook – Excellent and Facebook Personal – Odwa Excellent Sidumo

Twitter– @odwa_sidumo

Instagram– @odwa_sidumo

LinkedIn– Odwa Sidumo

Telegram– @Odwa_S

WhatsApp– 078 331 3644(Business) and 078 136 1958(Personal)

Email– sidumo.odwa@gmail.com

I am open for donations, sponsors, and funding.

Account Number: 1491451465

Bank:  Capitec

Account Name: Odwa Sidumo.








Mzukona Mantshontsho is the founder of Nyakaza Media Solutions. Nyakaza Media Solutions is an organisation that was established to help community organisations, business entities, and schools to research, write, document, report, analyse, edit, publish newsletters or bulletins in hard-copy, on-line and maintain websites with the relevant content as per the editorial policy of that organisation, school or entity. Nyakaza Media Solutions has a vision to promote and bring dialogue to communities, businesses and schools about issues that affect them. Nyakaza Media Solutions is on a mission to develop and encourage communities, businesses and learners to celebrate the good, applaud excellence, welcome growth, strive to be better individuals, businesses and communities, want more knowledge, discourage bad and counter-productive behaviour as well as communities, businesses and learners that want to be great SOUTH AFRICANS. Nyakaza Media Solutions is making use of Yo School Magazine as a platform that learners in all schools to make use of to write their stories.

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