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The beginning of ‘T’ as a letter?

By Boitumelo Gift Makgala

It was on a weekend; he was lazy as he had to do his chores for the day. He had dreamt of his

grandfather pointing at the spot just outside his house. He had the strangest feeling as it was like his grandfather knew where he had to dig. He never knew what he was to dig for, he sat for a few minutes thinking about the dream. He finally got up to do his chores. He had planned to do his mini garden across the street.

Just after he had finished cleaning the yard. His mother had asked him to do the garden across the street as it was near the bush. He had carried his tool out of the storeroom then decided to first wash up his face and brushed his teeth. Then have breakfast first. He had rushed the process so he can work and finish up before the sun becomes hot, especially near and after twelve o’clock. He had finally finished having breakfast then went out with his tools.

He had cleaned up the yard. Then decided to head on to cleaning the outside boundaries near the

balustrade as a boundary of the unused bush. He had cleaned up to a point he came across his grand ancestor’s tomb. He had felt attracted to a three-sided metal that had six holes. The significance of the metal it was that it was like a door handle with a hook to hold on. As you push the door open and the same to swing it back, closed. The metal had a red orange colour as it was under the ground and had rusted.

The metal was like a ship especially the titanic movie with chimney on it that had made the ship appear as if it were the metal. Whenever you place it flat on the floor and view it on the side and on top. The metal was written the name, ‘EDBLO’. In capital letters, he had first thought of the famous numerology used by the Illuminati society. He was not that scared as he was once taught about his real home and that had brought on him using google to finally be assured of why they became famous. Then he went on with the metal in the house.

To try wash of some stains on the metal, he was now forced to use a knife that was part of a three set. He then got the chance to hold both the knives and the metal. One thing led to another as he was sitting down, he went through his phone on google to search for answers he then got to type the name, ‘Shogun’. As he was about to move in forward, he then discovered the full name written, ‘edoshogunate’. He was then forced to go big as he saw the photos of a knight that was wearing red.

He then goes to separate them in three as in, ‘edo’ as in using the ‘EDBLO’ name and the red painted three-sided metal as it was also his big five letters. He then used the kitchen knives written the name ‘Shogun’ that made it a three lettered sentence. With, ‘ate’ at the end, the sentence was now clear as they started from, ‘edo shogun ate’. He later learned that they letters were twelve and had carried tow letters that had been repeated twice.

The letter ‘E’ appeared both on the beginning of the sentence to the end of the sentence. The letter ‘O’ as the third and six letter. That made his started questioning the meaning of the metal. The metal was then understood by studying the clover logo and the symbol used for toxins. That made him research worse to a point that he finally got to learn more about his home and why they used the bull as a symbol. The meaning of the colour and the letters, not knowing that the actual meaning of the letter,

‘T’. As it can be flipped into looking like a, ‘H’ and most importantly the letter ‘E’ as the three letters then led to a consumption that he had owned the letters together with using them as mark or logo.

He then got to learn it is possible to be a king as he had found his grandfather’s twelve letters according to the twelve apostles. And his five letters that add the sixth as the shape of metal and that gave a clear description of our surname as a sign of royalty. And the six letters it took to have it power and the letters as a representation.

As from that day Tumi knew very well who he was. And he himself is to become one day in life.


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