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Why Choose Rimless Wall-Hung Pans?

Elevated Hygiene with Rimless Pans

Say goodbye to hidden germs and unreachable corners. The rimless design eliminates the traditional rim where bacteria thrive, ensuring an effortless cleaning experience. Our Rimless Wall-Hung Pans are perfect for projects that require an enhanced hygiene focus, such as medical and high-volume public bathrooms.
Rimless Precision Flush Technology

The highly-targeted flush technology of our Rimless Wall Hung Pans delivers a precise, powerful, and efficient flush every time, ensuring a cleaner bowl with less water consumption.
Luxury Aesthetics
Our Wall-Hung Pans have a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The floating design adds a touch of luxury, transforming any bathroom into a modern sanctuary.
Space-Saving Benefits
Maximise floor space without compromising on style. Wall-Hung Pans open up possibilities for creative design, making them ideal for projects where space optimisation is crucial.
Customisable Comfort: Height Adjustable for Every User
Our Wall-Hung Pans are tailored experiences. The height-adjustable feature ensures customisable mounting heights, catering to the unique needs of every end-user. This versatility is not only a design advantage but a significant step towards enhanced accessibility in your projects.

We believe these rimless wall-hung pans can truly elevate your projects. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to the Lecico Projects Divisionprojects@lecicosa.co.za

Brought to you by Lecico.


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